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Tastatur & Mus

P.I. ENGINEERING X-Keys 24 USB 24 Programmerbare Taster (XK-24-USB-R)

P.I. ENGINEERING X-Keys 24 USB 24 Programmerbare Taster (XK-24-USB-R)

  • Type Keypad
  • Tegnsett -
  • Connectivity Wired
  • Interface USB
3 371,-
2 696,80 ekskl. mva

X-keys® XK-24 Programmable Keypad

24 Keys to build your workflow

  • 24 relegendable keys
  • Suitable for handheld, desktop, or mounted use
  • Addressable blue and red backlighting for each key
  • Create a bump bar or custom control pad with keycaps and key blockers
  • Includes MacroWorks 3 software for Windows and ControllerMate for Mac OS-X
  • Comprehensive Software Development Kit for programmers
  • USB HID device (RS-232 version available soon)
  • 30 day full refund return policy and live technical support

The new XK-24 with MacroWorks 3 software combines the tradition of rugged, reliable X-keys with added features for the same price as our X-keys Desktop. With four more keys in a smaller footprint, the XK-24 sports a new co-injected case suitable for handheld applications.

Clear key lenses keep your printed or hand written legends securely in place and protect them from wear while making it quick and easy to update them. The full travel keys have the same feel as your standard keyboard. A wide variety of key caps and key blockers make it easy to customize the XK-24 into a simple control surface like a bump bar or a live audio switcher.

MacroWorks 3

  • Instantly program macros, hot keys or multiple steps
  • One tap access to your favorite tools and settings
  • Insert Unicode foreign language letters, symbols, or phrases
  • Define unique key sets for each program you use
  • Launch programs or open files or directories
  • Paste e-mail addresses, words, sentences, or paragraphs

MacroWorks 3 (MW3) Software provides simple, intuitive programming for launching applications, opening files or accessing directories. Inserting special characters and symbols as Unicode text strings adds another new unique feature to the X-keys. The scripting language behind MW3 is VB.NET. The simple, straight forward language makes programming advanced features and customization for unique configurations easier than ever before. A new feature allows the user to easily create their own scriptlets to share or duplicate on other keys or devices.

Landscape or Portrait Orientation

The XK-24 looks equally at home on the desktop in portrait or landscape orientation. Detachable feet improve the viewing angle of your key legends.

Pi3 Firmware

  • Four HID endpoints
  • New reflector feature "reflects" messages back as a keyboard, mouse, or game controller
  • Dual backlighting for reach key
  • Dongle feature for developers

Our new Pi3 firmware offers a host of new capabilities to the developer including USB joystick, keybaord and mouse end points and our newly developed Reflector feature. Our Reflector feature allows the developer to send outbound messages to the X-keys which can be reflected back to the Operating System in keyboard, mouse or joystick data stream.

A new feature offers glowing red or blue backlighting with adjustable intensity. The backlighting LEDs can be controlled with simple scripting through MW3 or messages from your software via our SDK. Each key has one blue and one red LED under it and the state of each LED is individually addressable.

Our Pi3 dongle feature offers OEMs a measure of security to protect software from piracy and tag an X-keys with a unique encrypted signature to ensure the developer is the sole provider of customized hardware.

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