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F-SECURE FSEC Inet Gatek. Linux Ren 1y EDU-D-IN

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F-SECURE FSEC Inet Gatek. Linux Ren 1y EDU-D-IN

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Forventet på lager 17.08.2020

F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper for Linux

Malware can enter an organization’s network in many different ways. The most common source of infection used to be e-mail, but today many web sites are also filled with programs containing harmful and malicious content. Users can get infected through downloading content that carries malicious code or by simply visiting websites that are infected by malicious code. This kind of harmful data not only endangers security, but also decreases employee productivity, increases legal liability concerns, and wastes network bandwidth.

The easiest and most effective way to stop harmful content spreading via the Internet is to stop it already at the gateway level of the network. F- Secure Internet Gatekeeper is a gateway level antivirus product that scans all incoming e- mail (SMTP, POP), web (HTTP) and file transfer (FTP) traffic. FSecure Internet Gatekeeper for Linux provides a solution that meets the needs of the most demanding corporate networks. However, deploying and managing content security with F- Secure Internet Gatekeeper is also costeffective and easy for small business customers.

Virus protection for e-mail (SMTP and POP), web traffic (HTTP) and file transfers (FTP)
F- Secure Internet Gatekeeper for Linux automatically stops viruses and other malicious code hidden in SMTP, HTTP and FTP traffic. Residing between the corporate network and the Internet, it ensures that malware is not able to enter or leave the corporate network. It also scans POP3 e-mail to prevent virus attacks through personal Internet e-mail accounts or from ISP-hosted e-mail.

Flexible and easy to deploy
F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper for Linux can act as a transparent proxy. It also supports proxy authentication in all protocols, scans HTTP and FTP.

All-inclusive compatibility
F- Secure Internet Gatekeeper interoperates with firewall and e- mail systems, scanning web and e-mail traffic passing through the gateway. It runs on a variety of Linux distributions and on standard server hardware.

Easy to use local or remote management
The product is managed via an easy- to- use, yet powerful web user interface.

Detailed reporting via report logs
A comprehensive activity log enables administrators to easily track the actions of the product and to take appropriate corrective actions. FSecure Internet Gatekeeper can also output logs to external tools as syslog and generate access statistics to Squid proxies as needed.

High performance and reliability
F- Secure Internet Gatekeeper for Linux is designed to run on multiple Linux platforms. Thanks to its flexible product architecture, F- Secure Internet Gatekeeper for Linux is a suitable solution to any organization, whether it is small or large.

Fast update service
Everyone can protect end users against old viruses and threats, but the challenge is to react fast to the new threats that usually cause the most widespread damage and can remain unnoticed for long periods. FSecure detects new threats faster and updates customers more regularly.

Supported Platforms
- RedHat Enterprise Linux 3/4/5
- CentOS 3/4/5
- Turbolinux 10 Server, 11 Server
- Miracle Linux 3.0/4.0
- Asianux Server 3.0
- SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9/10
- Debian 4.0
- Ubuntu 8.04
- Other Linux distributions on X86_64 platforms, the product requires 32-bit libraries to be installed, and it runs in 32-bit mode.

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