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Allied Telesis L3 IE M. GE 8 PPOE++ + 4SFP F-FEEDS2

Forsiden / Allied Telesis L3 IE M. GE 8 PPOE++ + 4SFP F-FEEDS2
Allied Telesis L3 IE M. GE 8 PPOE++ + 4SFP F-FEEDS2 (AT-IE300-12GP-80)

Allied Telesis L3 IE M. GE 8 PPOE++ + 4SFP F-FEEDS2

15 620,-
12 496,- ekskl. mva

With configurable per-port power distribution, our Gigabit 12-port switch is the ideal solution for variable power deployments, such as point/tilt/zoom cameras, lighting controllers, and point-of-sale kiosks.

The AT-IE300-12GP is a Power over Ethernet Power Sourcing Device (PoE PSD), which is compliant with IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at standards.

Each port supplies either 15.40W PoE with 12.95W available to the powered device, or 30.00W PoE+ with 25.50W available to the powered device.

Four ports are configurable for Hi-PoE (also known as Ultra PoE, High PoE, PoE++, and others because there is no current standard), which uses all four pairs in the cable to provide up to 60W—double the capacity of PoE+.

You can configure the overall power budget and the power feeding limit on a per-port basis, to establish a close relationship between the power sourcing feature with the real capabilities of the external Power Supply Unit (PSU).

Enabling the unique High Availability Network Power (HANP) feature, the switch retains PoE sourcing during restart events, such as those due to operator command, software exception, watchdog timeout or diagnostic failures. The restart event is not propagated to the end devices, and camera operation is not affected.

Product configuration:
- 4-port, 100/1000X SFP
- 8-port, 10/100/1000T
- 24Gbps switch fabric and 17.8Mpps forwarding packet rate (64-byte size)
- 16K MAC addresses
- 9KB jumbo frame size
- 8 QoS priority queues
- 1K (Layer 2), 256 (Layer 3) Multicast groups
- 8-port, IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at power sourcing
- 4-port, Hi-PoE power sourcing (60W)
- Configurable PoE power budget and power feeding limit on a per-port basis
- HANP to retain PoE sourcing over restart

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